My Experimental Keto-Friendly Mix Drink Slushy!

This keto-friendly mix drink slushy was super easy to make and very tasty. My friend and I are both on keto and we were meeting at a party. We knew everyone there would be having mix drinks and margaritas. This is something we were going to miss out on. Very annoying. So, we planned on experimenting with sugar-free energy drinks, vodka, and a blender. It actually turned out great! This may not be the most intricate recipe I have shared, but I had to get it out there. Our first try wasn’t very successful. It was too watered down, not enough ice. After a slight modification, we got it down perfectly. I want to try it with some chopped strawberries, but I wanted to keep it as keto as possible. We were not the only two people at the party that enjoyed it either, our drink was a hit. Try it out!

Ingredients (not much)

  • Sugar-free energy drinks (we used bang, lots of sweet flavors)
  • Vodka or Rum (we used Titos)
  • Ice (about 3 cups after blended)

Direction (easy stuff)

  • Blend ice, this took about a minute or two
  • Add one full can of Bang energy drink
  • Add alcohol (we used about 5 shots)
  • Blend again for about 30 seconds! Enjoy!

So, as I said before, we messed up our first batch. We hadn’t used enough ice. After we blended the first time, we added more ice to make it more Slushy-like. Let me know what you think.

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